Welcome to 1Machine, official site for for singer/songwriter  Mark Hendryx. 1Machine is originally a collaboration of Mark's music and producers Chuck Kawal and Ramsey Gouda (two of Chicago's finest) and studio musicians that produced a compilation of songs on the self titled LP available on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and visually all digital music outlets worldwide. Mark has recently teamed up again with producer Chuck Kawal on a new studio effort and new LP titled Remember the Love - songs about love, love lost, and other modern themes.. Mark formerly fronted OtherWorld and Space45 performing in some of Chicago's most esteemed clubs. His material has been aired on Chicago radio on both Q101 and 94.7 (formerly the Zone). Additionally, his songs have been used on national television shows such as ABC's The Lying Game and 90210. Much of their material has  been critically acclaimed by Chicago's Illinois Entertainer and his bands opened for several national acts in venues such as the infamous Double Door in Chicago. Live performances can be seen currently in South Florida where the band resides.

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Featured on The Way it Is, podcast by Bobby Galinsky, beamed worldwide. Enjoy. 



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